The reasons behind: A World Beyond AI

I've dedicated countless hours to developing content (since 2014 to be precise, and publicly since 2023) that sharpens my AI Product Management skills, fills knowledge gaps, and most importantly, allows me to now share these insights with you. This endeavor has blossomed into #beyondAI, a hashtag that not only encapsulates my philosophy toward AI Product development but also adorns every post I share, reflecting the holistic approach necessary for successful AI initiatives.

Why this focus, and why BeyondAI?

The essence of creating impactful AI products lies not just in harnessing the latest AI technology but in integrating data, IT, software, and most crucially, people.

This wisdom wasn't whispered to me in the quiet of the night. It was a lesson learned the hard way, a slap in my face for overlooking these crucial components. Neglecting any of these components means we won’t truly have an AI product; at best, we'll only have an AI solution that people won’t use.

Only by extending our reach beyond the confines of AI technology can we stand a chance of creating AI solutions that people love and are willing to pay for. This applies whether the product is developed for internal use within companies or is intended for end-users outside of companies. BeyondAI embodies this philosophy, capturing the essence of successful AI product development.

A World Beyond AI is my very love letter 💌 to AI Product Management.

What will be covered in “A World Beyond AI”?

As my thoughts and insights expand, so too does the need for a more suitable platform than LinkedIn. That's why I have launched this blog, accessible directly to your inbox as a newsletter via Substack.

And I'm really happy you've found your way to it.

All my content, whether it is AI Product Management…

  • … Essentials 🔑,

  • … QuickTips 💡,

  • … RandomThoughts 🌪️,

  • or any other future category,

will be published on this blog.

Yes, even the Little Jaser content, you might be familiar with from my LinkedIn Posts, where my future self is teaching AIPM wisdom to my younger self.

Some Little Jaser contents as an example to get your buy-in:

It's a format I like the most. I hope you do too ❤️.

But also all my in-depth case studies and technical breakdowns with comments from an AI Product perspective will be published here.

How often will you receive an "A World Beyond AI" Love Letter?

That's definitely a thing!

Have you ever tried sending love letters daily? Even if the person receiving them has also fallen madly in love with you, it can become somewhat annoying over time.

I believe that newsletters, especially since they have access to our precious inboxes, should strike a balance of "not too much to retain love." That's why I'm still figuring out the optimal frequency for sending out my newsletter. I'll start with one per week.

On the other hand, don't expect in-depth content every week, even though I believe that's the most valuable. As a full-time employee, currently working at Vodafone as an Executive AI Product Manager, my time is limited. Thus, these kinds of in-depth pieces will be published occasionally, possibly as a series.

One day, I hope to find a way to offer this kind of in-depth content more frequently.

Let's see.

For now, that's all.

I hope you find this love letter valuable and that it helps you discover your love for AIPM too.

Jaser Bratzadeh Khomartash a.k.a. JBK 🕊️


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